3 step rewind

Our birth experience and the surrounding events are important. A difficult birth or perinatal journey can cause birth trauma and feelings of discomfort, leaving us stuck. It’s important to have a safe space to be able to move through these episodes/ pastv traumatic experience.

3 Step Rewind is a gentle and effective approach which can be transformative to mental health and emotional wellbeing. I am trained in this technique which, using NLP (neuro-linguistic programme) over three sessions aims to neutralise difficult feelings, allowing the brain to process a memory without triggering emotions. This can be helpful postnatally or in preparation for a birth.

£60 per session

“Nadya supported me through the first year of motherhood as I transitioned back into my freelance producing work.  It was a special but also very vulnerable time and I’m so grateful that I had Nadya by my side through it. I could gush endlessly about Nadya, but I think Guardian Angel sums it up quite well.”
- Leyla

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