We will spend time talking through your postpartum plan getting to know each other so I know how best to support you and your family when your baby arrives. I will help you prepare all the practicalities for your baby’s arrival as well as guide you to be ready for the emotional changes.

I’m here to support you however you choose to feed your baby, and before they arrive, I will help you explore your options. If you intend to breastfeed, we will touch on what to expect in the first few weeks and talk about any worries or concerns you may have. I’ll also cover feeding techniques and holds that may help you on your journey.

During this session, if you wish, I can use rebozo techniques to support your belly and get your baby into optimal position in preparation for labour. The rebozo is a traditional Mexican woven shawl used for support and comfort during pregnancy, labour and postpartum. The use of this cloth is an ancient practice that, due to its wonderful and positive results, is becoming more popular around the world in recent years.

£50 for a 2-hour session

“I don’t really have the words to describe how much Nadya helped me. From those early bleary days she was a constantly and consistently positive, supportive, encouraging, safe and joyous presence in our lives. I really don’t know how it would have been without her. I am so excited and happy for all of the families she will be going on to support, they are very lucky.”
- El

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